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Research Articles

Below is just a sample, click here to see the full list of 27 thinking skills research articles we have selected.

What we can learn from the first digital generation: implications for developing twenty-first century learning and thinking skills in the primary grades by Jo Hoffman.

National Curriculum tests and the teaching of thinking skills at primary schools - parallel or paradox? by Hanneke Jones.

Thinking skills in the teaching and learning of the English language by Blanka Frydrychova Klímova.

Ten Best Thinking Skills from the Times Educational Supplement.

An investigation of the incorporation of Information and Communication Technology and thinking skills with Year 1 and 2 students by Marlene Walters and Heather Fehring.

Effects of a cognitive acceleration programme on Year 1 pupils by Philip Adey, Anne Robertson and Grady Venville.

Rolling the Stone Uphill: teacher development and the implementation of Thinking Skills programmes by Davide Leat.

Techniques and Procedures for Assessing Cognitive Skills by James M. Royer, Cheryl A. Cisero, Maria S. Carlo.

Costs and benefits of thinking and Learning by Moseley and Jones.