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The Process

Once a school has decided to take a whole-school approach we spend time discussing what the school is already doing and agreeing the best way forward.

One of the Kestrel team will be identified to work with the school and will then engage in a further discussion about developing an action plan. This is likely to involve a day working in the school with either a small ‘drive’ team or in some cases the whole staff.

The consultant will work with the school throughout the process of becoming a thinking school.

This may take several years and throughout that time the consultant is available to provide advice and guidance. He or she will be able to put the school in touch with others in the network and identify specific expertise within the Kestrel and CEC team.

During the initial planning meeting people are introduced to a range of thinking tools which can be used across the curriculum. An explanation of how these thinking tools can develop specific types of thinking will be given and the opportunity given to use them. At the end everyone will be in a position to make informed decisions about which tools to introduce to the school.

An action plan is then agreed. This is the school’s action plan and will meet the particular circumstances of the school so has to be developed by the drive team with support from Kestrel

The next step is to arrange to train all the staff in the school in the thinking tool that has been identified as the first one to embed across the curriculum. This usually takes a day and will be delivered by the consultant.

Once the training has taken place the next step is to embed the use of the tool across the school. This can take some time and often schools will only introduce one tool per year. The school coordinator will provide support to individual teachers and if needed can call upon the Kestrel consultant.

Once three tools are in place across the school and everyone is happy that the staff and students have a good grasp of their use the school can ask CEC to assess them. The school will then become one of a growing number of schools which have gained recognition from the university.

Inset Opportunities

See details about Workshops for individual Inset.