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  • Exeter University (Cognitive Education Centre)

The purpose of this Centre is to provide information and advice on recent developments in the area of cognitive education with specific reference to past, present and future research and publications produced from Exeter University's Graduate School of Education. The Centre was formed in 2006 to explore the growing understanding of cognitive education. 

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NEELB is one of five education authorities in Northern Ireland. Kestrel has been working with the authority for several years and have trained personnel. In 2010 Kestrel was invited to become a partner in a Regio Comenius funded project with schools in Norway. Schools in both countries are now working together and are taking a whole-school approach to the teaching of thinking.

The teachers involved in the project can be seen discussing this on

  • SAPERE - Communities of Enquiry

SAPERE is the Society for Advancing Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education.

Founded in 1992, SAPERE is the internationally recognised educational charity that brings together a network of people throughout the UK practising and promoting philosophical enquiry for children and communities, often referred to as P4C. SAPERE website

  • Imaginative Minds

Imaginative Minds has over 20 years experience in publishing books, magazines and e-bulletins for education professionals, these include School Leadership Today, Professional Development Today, Creative Teaching & Learning, Learning Spaces, Every Child Journal, Leadership Briefing, E-Learning Update and Every Child Update. Imaginative Minds are also the producers of Intelligent Learning a video- based CPD programme to help schools teach higher order thinking skills.

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