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Richard Cummins
Richard has always been passionate about understanding how we learn. Together with Professor Burden of the University of Exeter he has developed an approach which is having a significant impact on the teaching of thinking in schools in the UK and abroad.

Nick Symes
Nick spent 27 years in teaching, 10 of those as a Deputy Headteacher in a large and thriving comprehensive before setting up his own very successful education consultancy.

Teresa Williams
Teresa is a former secondary Headteacher who maintained a career-long interest in both the creation of a relevant and enriching secondary curriculum and the development, for students, of transportable, personal skills.

Roger Sutcliffe
Roger taught at both primary and secondary level for 20 years before becoming a founding member of SAPERE, the Philosophy for Children charity, and subsequently Presidentt of ICPIC, its international equivalent. One of P4C's leading trainers, he believes strongly in developing caring and collaborative thinking in the classroom as well as critical and creative thinking. He has written extensively in the field of thinking skills and has served on the editorial board of various journals, including 'Teaching Thinking and Creativity'.

Bernadette Hancock

Bernadette Hancock has over thirty five years experience in education, having taught in a wide variety of primary and middle schools in England and Wales. Her approach to teaching, learning and school leadership has been creative, innovative and has consistently led to the raising of standards.

Helen O'Donoghue

Helen O'Donoghue has been an international educator for more then twenty five years. She has been the Principal of two large international schools and most recently was the Executive Head teacher of two Free Schools in London. She is passionate about children's learning and helping schools improve and become more learning focused. Her key strength is working with schools from their unitque starting point, coaching and menotring them on their journey to become more learning focused.

Thinking Tools

Find out about a range of thinking tools for use in and out of the classroom in the Thinkers' Toolbox.